2 living roomI’m sitting in my red chair having my coffee, taking in the view of evergreens and budding maples, listening to the early morning conversations of the birds and the squirrels.

The view is partially obscured by a mountain of furniture, because this is my last quiet morning here in my condo. Tomorrow, the movers will be here to whisk away four and a half years of life from this space.

It’s for a fantastic reason – I’ve found my forever home. A lovely, 70-year-old house in a great neighbourhood, closer to the peninsula. It’s the closest I can come to being back where I belong in my old house in the west end, the house I never should have left.

This move makes me feel like my life is back on track. Not going to the same destination as I’d once imagined, but no longer lost and pushing through the muddy bog to get back home. I could never bring myself to call the condo home, it was just the place where I lived. My new house will truly be home and I can’t wait to start nesting in it.

Still, as much as I’ve looked forward to this moment, there is more of a twinge than I’d expected at the thought of leaving the condo. I felt it first when I put the condo on the market. I was struck by how much growth happened here. Holy moly, I’ve grown!

Moe and Joe watching the nature channel.

There is also the feeling that I’m leaving Moe and Joe behind. This was the last home for each of them before they had to go to the big sun spot in the sky. Being in a new space that they’ve never touched with their paws and purrs emphasizes the end of that feline era.

But there will be more cats. And more growth. And lots of painting. And Christmas trees. And baking and gardening. And quiet moments with coffee taking in the view of a lovely green garden and listening to the early morning conversations of the birds and the squirrels.