Windows down

Had moment of pure bliss a couple of days ago. I’d spent a few hours hiking a trail that’s nearly 100% steep, rocky up and down. It was a hot, humid day and I was soaked with sweat by the end. But I didn’t want that “sitting in a refrigerator” feeling you get with air conditioning.

So as I headed home, I took the slower secondary highway so that I could leave the windows open. Flipped on the radio and started singing along with Corey Hart (Never Surrender) at the top of my lungs. Then John Cougar Mellencamp (Small Town). Then Phil Collins (You Can’t Hurry Love).

It was re-living a little bit of 80s heaven.

Since the invention of air conditioning, this classic experience seems a bit of a rarity. We insulate ourselves from the outdoors when we blast the AC. Yes, you can hear the tunes better. But it’s just not the same.

Bombing down the highway, wind ruffling hair, sun beaming down, tunes cranked, the saltiness of the ocean air. And singing. And smiling.

I need to do more of this. Having lived most of my adult life without a car, I tend to use mine mostly for practical things like groceries. I forget that I can use it to escape. And now that I’ve finished my masters degree (yay!), I have no excuse.

More road trips. More open windows. More fun!



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