Well hello there. Haven’t posted here for a while. I’ve been focused on my daily gratitude posts, which I invite you to follow.

I’ve had the word resilience in mind for weeks now. As I watch the news from Fort MacMurray, it seems an appropriate time to jot down some thoughts about it.

bounceThe main thing folks fleeing that fire have been saying is that things – homes, cars, the flatscreen tv – don’t matter. People do. As long as they are safe with their families, nothing else really matters.

That’s the mindset of a resilient person, the mindset that will help them bounce back. And we all have more capacity to bounce back than we initially think.

When life throws tragedy at us, we discover that we’ve all got something deep down inside that helps us find our own ways of dealing with it. I’ve lost a brother and a marriage. I couldn’t tell you exactly how I slogged through the muck to recover from those traumas, but I did. They added layers to who I am, deepened me.

So when I have to do it again – and I will have to do it again, and again, and again – I know I can.

I don’t know how. There is no roadmap that can be hauled off the shelf from one experience to tell you exactly how to get through the next. Just like it’s different for everybody, it’s also different every time.

But somewhere in those layers that I gained, there must be something akin to muscle memory that says yeah, we’ve been here before. And even though we’re blind with pain, we can feel our way through, over, around until we find the way out. It can’t be rushed. It has to be allowed to happen in due time.

And it will.



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