Hairy carrots

How many times have you looked in the back of your vegetable crisper to find half a bag of hairy carrots?

C’mon, you know you’ve done it. We all have. Neglected our produce. Used some and tossed the rest back, out of sight out of mind.

carrot ginger soup ingredientsI always seem to do this with carrots. I like them well enough but I just don’t seem to cook them very often. I guess I’m usually going for veggies that cook faster. So after I’ve made a big vat of stew or turkey soup, the rest of the carrots get shoved back into the crisper where they are shamefully ignored for months.

The good thing about hairy carrots – as opposed to slimy carrots – is that they’re still just fine once you peel them. So when I examined the bag and found no slime, I decided to try out a ‘velvety carrot ginger soup‘ recipe from Chatelaine. (Yes, let’s face it, I’m now une femme d’un certain âge who, on occasion, reads Chatelaine. And I’m fine with that.)

carrot ginger soupThis was a dead simple soup to make. I whipped it up last night with another podcast of The Vinyl Café to entertain me. Like so many soups, this one is best at least a day old. Upon first taste last night, I found it too carroty but when I had some for lunch today at work, all the other flavours burst through.

So when life gives you hairy carrots, make carrot ginger soup.




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