IMG_20140801_140604Seriously. Basil ice cream.

You’d think after my first successful foray into ice cream making that I’d go for double fudge chocolate or praline butterscotch swirl.

But a co-worker told me about basil, and I just happen to be growing a bunch of it on my balcony.

IMG_20140731_191050So I gave it a go. This recipe is more involved than the strawberry I first tried. It involves cooking the milk and basil mixture, pouring it slowly into the beating egg yolks, then cooking some more and straining before the ice cream maker even comes out of the freezer.

It turned out beautifully. Creamy, not too sweet with the bold freshness of basil.

I’m loathe to leave it behind as I head out for a week of cycling. But sadly they’ve not yet invented compact, lightweight refrigeration for bikes.

On the up side, I have something to look forward to on my return.