IMG_20140713_200537I had a boyfriend many moons ago who was a pretty good cook. In fact, it was his lead that I first followed to cook without a recipe. But like the best of us, he occasionally had his kitchen foibles. Anytime he burned something, he’d holler, “It’s cajun style, honey!”

Well, tonight’s honey mustard chicken on the bbq was a little on the cajun side. But somehow I managed to get the sweet potato spears grilled to perfection. I tossed them with a lug of olive oil, a splash of lime juice, a tiny bit of freshly ground sea salt and pepper. On the grill for about five minutes, turning halfway through, then tossed back in the oily bowl to keep them from drying out.

Served ’em up with a simple dip of mayo, curry and lime juice, along with the charred but surprisingly tender, juicy chicken and a simple salad.