downloadI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Jamie Oliver is a smart man. The world would be a better place if everyone listened to him.

He doesn’t pay me to say that. And I’m not a delusional fan. He’s just a smart guy who gets the problems with food today. And he’s trying to do something about it.

With me, he’s preaching to the choir. I already cook from scratch. I already have the skills to cook one thing tonight and use the leftovers for something else tomorrow. But it’s shocking how many people don’t.

It seems to me that time is key thing that prevents people from buying decent food and cooking it. Our society is barrelling along at breakneck pace to the point that most people rely on packaged crap that they can heat and serve quickly. Money factors in, too, but home cooking doesn’t have to break the bank.

So Jamie is coming out with cookbooks and campaigns that show people how to to cook good food fast and on a budget. He doesn’t spend much time preaching about healthy food (although when he does, he does it very convincingly like in this Ted Talk). He knows that media bombard us with that message to little effect, and that it mainly makes people feel guilty for their shortcomings.

No, he generally comes at it from a less preachy, more motivating angle. He tells us he’ll teach us to cook meals that are quick, easy, tasty, and make us feel like rock stars with family and friends. He aims to build confidence through skill and delicious outcomes. And after his Food Revolution in the US, he’s recently formed a partnership with Sobeys stores to help spread this message in Canada.

IMG_1510Smart guy. So I asked Santa for a copy his new cookbook, Save with Jamie. And Santa (aka my brother) delivered. When I flipped through the book on Christmas day, one of the first recipes I saw was sausage panzanella. I bookmarked the page immediately, and made it tonight.

Not only is Jamie smart, but he just might get me to like olives and capers. Both are in this recipe and they blended so well with the other flavours that I didn’t find them overpowering.

So thanks, Jamie. And in your own words, big love!