A divine tuna melt

So I mentioned I was moving. Well, I moved on November 1. In a monsoon. Those poor movers deserve medals.

lahave bakery

Anyway, I’d held off taking vacation until this move came about. I’d hoped it would happen in September, but alas, the real estate gods had other plans for me. It’s not the best time to be away from the office right now — many thanks to my colleagues who are covering for me. They recognize that I both needed the time to get settled into my new abode and desperately needed a vacation or I might explode, and that’s just messy at the office.

The painting, unpacking, and multiple trips to Home Depot have had higher priority on the to do list than just chilling. But I promised myself that on a sunny day, I’d take a drive down the south shore of this beautiful province and have lunch at the LaHave Bakery.

If you haven’t been, you must go. It’s one of my favourite places on Earth.

I first arrived at this delicious place on two wheels. I recall that weekend bike tour ensured three delectable stops at the bakery in two days. (It’s uncanny how cyclists can devise tour routes that hit every bakery possible, or the same one multiple times.)

lahave bakery lunch

In fact, most of my visits to this spot have been by bike. We all lean our steeds up against the little deck along the front of the building, get a huge brownie, a sandwich or some soup, and maybe the unsweetened iced tea of the day. If we’re lucky, the row of yellow Adirondack chairs isn’t already taken by customers soaking up the sun while they fill their bellies with baked goodness.

Yesterday, I finally had a break from the move in madness as well as a sunny day. I arrived in LaHave for a late lunch: ham, cheddar, mushroom and spinach panini with raspberry black currant iced tea. It was marvellous. It was a little too cold to sit outside in an Adirondack chair, but indoors, I listened to a few gentlemen discussing the middle east and then local community economic development, flipped through my magazine, and soaked in the local historical items and photos all over the walls.

tuna meltBefore leaving, I bought a cinnamon bun that I had later for dessert, and a loaf of herb and cheddar bread. This stuff toasts up all golden and delicious…it’s all I can do to stop myself toasting and eating the entire loaf with a pile of butter. I managed to save some for a tuna melt for tonight’s dinner. I’m telling you, his bread elevates the humble tuna melt to a taste of the divine.

So, get thee to the LaHave Bakery the next chance you get. It’s heaven on Earth.



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