Holy moly, two posts in one week? That hasn’t happened since I started this little blog. Well…

I always get home famished on Thursday nights. I teach an aqufit class at the Y, and tonight I also spent an hour in the weight room. I got home a hungry hungry hippo but also had to be ready for a Skype call in 30 minutes to do group work with MPA classmates.


So in 5 minutes flat, I chopped some left over chicken, a tomato and half a red pepper, tossed it all over nachos, and topped it with strips of sliced marble cheddar (it’s all I had) and chopped chives.

Into the oven to broil while I run to take out “my eyes” (contact lenses) and change into my jammies, warm fuzzy house coat and slippers. Back to the kitchen in time to see the cheese getting nice and bubbly.


My classmates had to listen to a little crunching as I scarfed back the whole thing.