Do your best with what you’ve got

Holy moly, two posts in one week? That hasn’t happened since I started this little blog. Well…

I always get home famished on Thursday nights. I teach an aqufit class at the Y, and tonight I also spent an hour in the weight room. I got home a hungry hungry hippo but also had to be ready for a Skype call in 30 minutes to do group work with MPA classmates.


So in 5 minutes flat, I chopped some left over chicken, a tomato and half a red pepper, tossed it all over nachos, and topped it with strips of sliced marble cheddar (it’s all I had) and chopped chives.

Into the oven to broil while I run to take out “my eyes” (contact lenses) and change into my jammies, warm fuzzy house coat and slippers. Back to the kitchen in time to see the cheese getting nice and bubbly.


My classmates had to listen to a little crunching as I scarfed back the whole thing.




Recipe? We don’t need no stinkin’ recipe…

So I’m moving in two weeks.

I’ve got two real estate deals closing on the same day. That means I have to move out of one abode, tell the movers to take a coffee break (or a long lunch) while allowing that sale to close, and then get the deal closed on the purchase of the new abode before I can move in.

So two weeks out, I’m looking at the amount of food in my freezer and fretting. I don’t want to waste anything, and I don’t want to impose on a friend for freezer space. So I’m cooking and eating as much as I can.

On this crisp October morning, I hauled out the slow cooker to make a stew. I had about 5 minutes to pull it together so I didn’t bother looking up a recipe. Here’s what I threw in the pot:

Warm, comforting stew.
Warm, comforting stew.

2 quartered onions
a bag of baby carrots
about a pound of new potatoes
about 2 pounds of cubed stewing meat
1 large can of crushed tomatoes
a sprinkle of basil and pepper

I set the slow cooker for 8 hours on low and flew out the door, hoping those ingredients would do good things together.

Fast forward about 16 hours…

I arrive home after a full day at work and teaching a fitness class. Those grapes I’d devoured on the bus hadn’t come close to stopping the rumbly in the tumbly. I dished out hard crunchies for the cats, and a steaming bowl of stew for myself.

Those ingredients did, indeed, do good things together.

And here’s the secret to a delicious stew experience: mush everything all together with your fork. That’s right, it looks like a brown mess so I won’t show you a picture, but it’s oh soooo delicious this way. Been doing it like this since I was a kid and only polite company would stop me from doing it now.

Go on, give it a try. You know you want to…