Good to the last drop.

Good to the last drop.

The new bus terminal in Dartmouth has a one-way bus lane that’s like a long skinny track around the building with numerous bays where the buses pull up to load and unload passengers.

Most buses enter and exit at one end of the track, so those that pull up at the first couple of bays have to finish going around the loop in order to reach the exit and continue on their routes.

As we swing around the far end of the loop, I’m always reminded on Tom Hanks sling-shotting Apollo 13 around the moon in the attempt to get the spaceship and it’s crew back to Earth.

Ok, so my morning commute is not nearly that dramatic. Half the time, I’m still trying to wake up.

Some days, though, I’m on the ball and I get a delicious smoothie ready before flying out the door. Those are good days.

Here are my go-to smoothie ingredients:

1 banana
1 cup of fresh strawberries
1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
Splash of milk

Whiz it all up in whatever whizzer gizmo you’ve got and enjoy a tasty commute.

And here’s my make ahead tip…throw all the ingredients in your whizzer gizmo or other container that can be stored in the fridge so all you have to do in the morning is blend and go.