Fabulous fish cakes

I’ve tried making fishcakes without a recipe before. They were meh.

Then during one crazy busy week at work in June, I stumbled upon the recipe for fish cakes that I’ve savoured several times, mostly as a hungry cyclist at the end of a ride around the Aspotogan loop.

wild rosesThe loop is a pleasant seaside ride on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, near Hubbards. It’s one of those places where I wish I could bottle the breezy scent of salt water and wild roses. I inhale deeply every time I roll past the bushes, trying to drink in as much of the heavenly scent as I can and keep it with me. It makes me glad to be alive, especially as we pass the Swiss Air Flight 111 memorial at Bayswater.

All that fresh air and cycling makes a person hungry, and we often finish a ride taking over all the tables on the deck at the Trellis Cafe. A lot of us don’t even need the menu. We know what we want.

trellis cafeSo when a crazy week of traveling around to manage a pile of events in June put me in the vicinity of the Trellis, there was no question where I would have lunch. Whether he realized it or not, the photographer covering the events that day didn’t really have a choice in the matter…I was going with or without him. But he’s an easy going guy so he came along.

The fish cakes were dependably delicious, the company was fine, and as much as I’d have loved to linger a little longer over a cup of tea, we had to get back to the city and finish up the day’s work.

I made a trip to the little girl’s room before leaving, and lo and behold, there was a Taste of Nova Scotia culinary guide opened to page 60 (South Shore section) with the recipe for the Trellis fish cakes! And a stack of copies for the taking! All frustrations with the week’s multitude of events evaporated in that moment of knowledge that I could now have these glorious fish cakes anytime I want in my own kitchen.

IMG_1471August is here, the weather has predictably started to feel a bit fallish, and I feel like cooking again. So last night, I prepared 12 fish cake patties, put 10 of them in the freezer, and fried up two for my supper along with some steamed string beans and the traditional fish cake accoutrement: green tomato chow.

A local recipe, all local ingredients, all local delicious. Many thanks to the Trellis Cafe for sharing the recipe and fear not, I will be back, whether with two wheels or four.



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