Easter treats


My idea of a delicious Easter treat does not come from the bunny. It comes from the pig.

I love a nice big ham, studded with cloves, bathed in apple juice, and glazed with mustard and brown sugar. The wonderful clove smell throughout the house is half the joy of it.

And then we get to devour it. Well, not all in one sitting…there are only three of us.

Since it’s been a nice springy weekend, I had a craving to finish the meal with something fresh and lemony. I decided on a layer cake.

Loverly lemon.
Loverly lemon.

This recipe produced a fantastic cake with a nice moist crumb. In fact, I’d have been satisfied with just the plain cake. The frosting was far too sweet for my tastes, but H loved it.

Also, I wasn’t paying attention and poured heavy cream into the filling without whipping it first. Needless to say it wouldn’t thicken properly, no matter how long I left it whizzing around in the KitchenAid.


The top layer would have been sliding all over the place if I’d tried to use the filling as intended. But it tasted fabulous, kind of like a lemon-scented creme anglaise. So I used it as a sauce instead. No harm, no foul.

Looking forward to tasty leftovers this week: grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and cake with the icing scraped off.