Starve a fever, feed a cold

Is that how it goes? It must be, because I have one doozy of a cold (since my last post, it’s slithered down from my nose into my chest) but I still have a moderate appetite.

I’m more interested in light comfort food like coffee and toast than full on meals. I’m drinking my honey-lemon cold-busting concoction, gobbling down oranges, and sipping from my water bottle. That’s supplemented with a steady stream of cough drops, vitamin C tablets, and phlegm-busting cough syrup. Yes, phlegm. Charming, I know.

Eggs are ultimate comfort food.
Eggs are ultimate comfort food.

When I feel like something more substantial, I can never go wrong with eggs. They are the ultimate comfort food. I usually like them scrambled with a dash of nutmeg. But tonight, I wanted a little more.

So I whipped up a couple of fried eggs, laid them on two slices of multigrain toast, and topped them with tomato and a little salt and pepper. I slipped them under the broiler to cook the tomatoes, then added a slice of cheddar cheese on top to get nice and bubbly.

Comfort on a plate.