All stuffed and no place to go

I’ve got a code in my node. Sniffle, sneeze, cough.

I probably could have used a quiet day in bed today. I’m really not one of those super over-achievers who feels the need to be stoic and flop their way through a work day when they should really just keep their germs to themselves at home. The fate of the western world does not rely on me showing up at the office. Nobody dies if I don’t make it in.

Cold be gone!
Cold be gone!

But I assessed my physical situation this morning: stuffy nose, but not 100% blocked; balloonish head but not dizzy; no body aches except in my jaws; mild headache. Then I assessed the work situation: down staff already, boss would be all by his lonesome without me; possibility of incoming attacks on a few fronts. So I hauled myself into a steamy shower and then out the door to work.

Yes, a day in bed would have been better. But really, it wasn’t so bad at work. I packed a bottle of 1000 mg vitamin C slow-release tablets and swung by Pete’s Frootique to purchase supplies and provisions: oranges, lemons, honey, OJ and water.

And a croissant, but that was just to have a yummy croissant.

With these supplies, I marched into the office with an “I can do this” attitude and boiled the kettle for one of my cold-busting concoctions: a very generous teaspoon of honey, juice of half a lemon, and boiling water. I sipped on two of these lovelies all morning…and ate the croissant and one orange.

Early in the afternoon, I hit situation critical: I ran out of Kleenex! Out I trekked to the drugstore, and returned to my desk with a big box of Kleenex with lotion for my poor nose and a bag of chips. Don’t judge me. I crave salty crunchy when I have a cold. On the plus side, they make me drink lots of water. I finished off the afternoon with a bottle of OJ.

Notice that honey is in all these drinks? Honey power!
Notice that honey is in all these drinks? Honey power!

I didn’t move mountains at the office, but I was able to knock off a number of things. I was very careful to wash my hands in stinking hot water then sanitize (and moisturize). I faithfully coughed into my elbow, and only touched common things like the microwave with a protective layer of paper towel. I came home to turkey soup feeling no worse for the wear. So I think I made the right choice.

As I prepared to head home, I had two suggestions to try for other hot drinks to sooth my condition. Dad suggested making a paste of honey and cinnamon, which you can eat straight by the teaspoonful, or mix with hot water. I tried the drinkable version….not bad but I wasn’t fond of the floaty bits of cinnamon. I’ll try eating the paste straight up next time.

Dear whiskey, please don't kill me.
Dear whiskey, please don’t kill me.

My co-workers suggested I have a hot toddy tonight. I’m not much of a drinker, and the hardest liquor I ever consume is Bailey’s with lots of milk. I was worried I’d taste the whiskey — I’m not so far gone that I can’t taste or smell at all. But I thought I’d give it a go. So far, all I can tell you is that it’s potent. And didn’t stay hot for long. But it looks nice with its cinnamon stick, lemon slice and cloves.

Bottoms up!



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