Hello world, indeed. That was the standard WordPress title for a temporary first post and it suits me just fine. Probably because my urge to write is, as of yet, unfocused. The broad beginning seems most appropriate.

Writing concisely is a skill that’s served me well throughout my working life, most of it spent in government communications. It’s always been with purpose and within the confines of my organization’s style and needs.

But what would it be to like to write about life, just for fun? I’d like to find out. So, hello WordPress and hello world.

Will this blog be but a bunch of ramblings, or will it evolve into something more focused? I can’t say at this point. I just know that I want to write, and put it “out there” rather than stash it away in a journal. Will anybody read it? Probably not so much at first, especially given this softball of a pitch I’m giving. But knowing me, I’ll get focused in time and hopefully will find some kindred spirits as I do.